Because you

  1. are exemplary.
  2. reduce CO2 emissions and thus protect the climate and your budget.
  3. are one step ahead of legal developments.
  4. benefit from the funding before the pots are empty.
  5. achieve competitive advantages and a sustainable image boost with customers and within your team.
  6. fulfil your requirements at an early stage.
  7. gain easier access to capital and new markets.
  8. have ever greater cost advantages in the long term.

ecotec does not offer an "off-the-shelf" sustainability strategy. We create transformation concepts and sustainability reports according to your individual requirements.

Energy is one of the most important resources that need to be utilised efficiently. Resource efficiency is therefore an important component of climate protection and a successful corporate strategy. This is precisely where we are on your side.

Your energy and heating requirements, associated CO2 emissions and respective CO2 costs can only be reduced through efficiency and environmentally friendly technologies.

We identify this potential in your organisation and help you to implement it. When it comes to waste heat utilisation in particular, there is a lot of untapped potential that we can exploit together with you. High-temperature heat pumps are playing an increasingly important role in achieving the required temperature levels for production.

Have you identified all potential energy savings? Is your climate strategy in place? If so, the only thing missing to make your organisation climate-neutral is a complete switch to renewable energies for electricity and heat. Be it in-house generation, direct supply of electricity from e.g. PV or wind power plants via PPA.

We support you in this transition and contribute our manifold expertise from the energy industry.

What are your plans? Green hydrogen will become an important component of energy supply in order to achieve climate protection targets. An important market is emerging that you must not miss out on.

We would be happy to analyse your individual situation and work with you to develop a procurement concept. Perhaps your conditions are even favourable enough for you to produce green hydrogen yourself - with the appropriate subsidy programmes, of course.

Mr. Marco Engel