The Beginning

Our mission began in 1996 with the founding of an engineering office in Brilon. Together with his employees, Dipl.-Ing. Markus Schnier developed energy supply concepts, planned CHP plants and took care of the initiation, consulting and fuel supply of local heating projects based on biogas and wood chips for public clients as part of contracting projects.

New developments and tasks

The liberalisation of energy markets in 1998 opened new opportunities which we seized immediately. Energy industry consulting tasks for large end consumers came to the fore - above all the optimisation of electricity and natural gas supply contracts for industrial customers. As a result, our focus shifted from traditional engineering consultancy to energy industry consulting for companies with high energy requirements.

In 2007, the traditional engineering office was transferred to a new company. Together with partners from the planning sector, Kombiplan GmbH & Co. KG was founded as an independent engineering company for energy technology and technical construction equipment. Since then, ecotec has focussed on energy management consulting and climate protection for large end consumers.

We have been a member of the VIK (Association of the Industrial Energy and Power Industry) since 2011 and are involved in various committees.

More recent milestones:


  • Intensification of the sustainability business sector


  • Development of the subsidies business sector
  • Expansion of the Stadtmauer 11 office building
  • Launch of a new brand strategy


  • Inauguration of our renovated business premises
  • Reorganisation of the company structure


  • Implementation of a new growth strategy and reinforcement with new staff
  • Launch of the new homepage
  • Reinforcement of our management team

The current team consists of engineers, economists and commercial specialists.